About Alta Goods

We're Alta Goods, makers of plant-based, functional snacks that bring mind-body balance within reach. Our products are powered by CBD plus adaptogens and inspired by Mediterranean flavors for delicious nutrition you can count on, wherever you are.

We believe that getting wellness from CBD should be delicious and convenient, with impeccably sourced products. Our CBD granola bites are made with 20 mg organic, full-spectrum CBD sourced from farmers we know and trust in Vermont. We use 3rd-party lab testing on all our CBD snacks to ensure accurate dosing and potency, so you know exactly how much CBD you’re taking.

Meet our founder, Nyree

Nyree is an environmental health scientist and chemical regulatory expert with 15 years of experience studying exposures to human health toxins in our environment and consumer products. She has an undergraduate degree from Tufts University and a Masters of Public Health from University of California Berkeley.

Nyree began using CBD products to help with chronic migraines caused by hormone dysfunction and stress.

As she researched companies and tried CBD products, she was surprised by the lack of transparency in the sourcing, extracting, and processing of hemp.  She also disliked the messiness and inconsistent dosing that came with traditional product forms - oils and tinctures - and wasn't interested in eating the overly-processed, low-quality ingredients commonly found in CBD snacks (like gummies.)

Drawing from her scientific training and experience with Clean Beauty, Nyree created Alta Goods with high quality sourcing, product safety, and transparency in mind.

Our first product: tahini based CBD granola bars

Our CBD granola bars are meant to be incredibly convenient - easily carried wherever you are going without the mess of dealing with oils. Whether you’re eating one for post-workout recovery or to access the wellness properties of CBD when feeling stressed, our bites are the perfect snack option for your busy lifestyle. 

Each Alta bite is made with organic, whole ingredients like pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and sesame, packing a nutritious punch that will leave you satisfied. Designed to be sweet and savory with familiar yet complex flavors you’ll love.