Self-care in the time of Coronavirus: Five Ideas

Self-care in the time of Coronavirus: Five Ideas

What’s your ideal method of self-care? A quiet walk on the beach? A gentle yoga practice? Mani-Pedi? Maybe you’re like Madonna and take long soaks in a bathtub full of rose petals.  Whatever your jam is in normal times, the Coronavirus pandemic seems to have us all lowering the bar on self-care.

With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, It’s more important than ever to spend some time on ourselves. If not to keep us feeling just a little bit human, but to keep calm and help us manage our anxiety in these stressful times.

We practice self-care to make us feel good, reduce stress, take our minds off our worries. We’ve typically been told that this has to happen through some form of grooming, exercise, or mindfulness practice. But, all the gyms and salons are closed, beaches have been cordoned off, and many of us who would go out for a walk on a bike path or in a local park have been kept home by the threat of public shaming. So how do we as a society, stuck in our respective homes, with our kids or roommates, practice self-care without the usual outlets?

Here are five self care at home ideas you can use to lower your stress and reconnect with yourself:

  • Carve your own space in your house – Pick a room and clean all the clutter away – even if that clutter ends up in the closet for now (sorry all you Marie Kondo fans our there, these are desperate times). From here you can stream your favorite online yoga class, meditate, or take a quick nap.
  • Pay attention to your food choices. When overwhelmed (like say, during a global pandemic!), it’s easy to resort to “stress eating.” Quick bites that leave our bodies less than nourished. When possible, pay attention to your food choices and choose whole, organic foods that support your wellness. Alta Goods Granola Bites are made with only organic, whole food ingredients like organic pumpkin seeds, and we never use refined sugar or artificial ingredients.
  • Get your Hygge on. Curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and watch a favorite movie. Maybe something you know well and can get lost in. This isn’t exactly cutting edge, new-age self-care, but it goes a long way to give frazzled nerves a breather;
  • Set up a Spa … for one! Short on space? Kids hunting you down? Steal away to the bathroom for 20 minutes with a face mask, bath, and a good book. Maybe it’s not a Madonna bath with rose petals, but it will do in a pinch to get away from the clamor and noise of a busy house. Make sure to lock the door!
  • Phone a friend. This last one might be the most important. Studies have shown that social interactions are key to maintaining good mental health, regardless of age. Social distancing has meant way less interactions with friends and loved ones, which puts a strain on our already strained emotional well-being. So, if you’re feeling down or stressed out, phone a friend. Chances are they’re feeling the same way and would love to hear your voice.

If all else fails, and self-care is number 10,000 on your to-do list, give yourself tons and tons of grace! We’re all doing our best to get by in this stressful time. Be kind to yourself, your kids and your community.


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