Eat your way to wellness

Hemp-infused snacks for finding your daily calm

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Eating an Alta wellness Bite
Eating an Alta wellness Bite

Ingredients backed by science

Infused with lab-tested, full-spectrum hemp extract sustainably sourced from Vermont farmers.

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Closeup of an Alta Bite
Closeup of an Alta Bite

Ready to go when you are

Conveniently packaged to take with you whenever, wherever.

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Eating an Alta Bit on a hike
Alta Bites are easily portable on a hike with your dog

Meet Alta

Plant-based functional snacks that bring mind-body balance within reach!
Alta Bites are backed by science, illustration

Backed by Science

Alta Bites are easily portable, illustration

Easy Portability

Alta Bites have Middle Eastern flavors, illustration

Middle Eastern Flavors

Alta Bites have regenerative properties, illustration

Sustainably Grown Ingredients

Our story

Alta was founded by Nyree, an environmental health scientist and chemical regulatory expert who began using full-spectrum hemp extract to manage to her chronic migraines caused by hormone dysfunction and stress.

Meet Our Founder

Why hemp?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound that’s extracted from the hemp plant. Its mood-enhancing properties ease stress and promote mind-body calm. We source ours from Vermont farmers who use organic and regenerative farming practices.

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Tested for trustworthiness

When it comes to CBD, we believe transparency and trust are essential. That’s why Alta's full-spectrum hemp extract is fully traceable, sourced directly from farmers in Vermont who use organic growing practices. Our Tahini Granola Bites are 3rd party lab-tested to ensure you get consistent potency.

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Want to give CBD a shot but skip the cloying neon-colored edibles? Alta Goods Founder Nyree Bekarian Mack drew on her Armenian roots to create Alta’s tahini-based granola squares.

The Wall Street Journal

From the founder's science background to her passion for uncompromised quality and ethical business practices Nyree has created one of the best new CBD products.

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Amazingly tasty!

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